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Mount Batok

Mount Batok
Mount Batok is a mountain located in the Province of East Java, close to Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. in the area mountain at Mount Tengger. Mount Batok occupies four regions, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. The most forward of Mount Batok and Mount Bromo rearmost being erupted in the 20th century, the Mount Batok is part of Mount Tengger caldera. Now the mountain is already a tourist area in East Java. Sources: Wikipedia

The following is the story (legend) the origin of Mount Batok and Tengger tribe. Interesting tables, please scrutiny :

In antiquity, the region of Mount Bromo stay resident of King of Majapahit Kingdom. At that time, a mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, from the incarnation of a goddess. The baby girl was quiet and never cried. He was given a name, Rara Anteng. At the same time, a pastor's wife gave birth to a baby boy handsome, strong, loud crying. He named, Jaka Seger.

Year after year, Rara Anteng more mature and more beautiful. Similarly, Jaka Seger grown into a handsome and gallant. They often meet and put a heart. But many young men are lured by the beauty of Rara Anteng. Similarly, Jaka Seger became a man of every girl's dream. "I do not want to part with you, Kanda Jaka Seger," says Rara Anteng spoiled. "I love you so much, Queen Anteng Rara," said Jake seger steadily.

Interwoven love Rara Anteng Jaka Seger and more intimate. They promised not want to be separated by anyone. One day, they were surprised by the arrival of a violent robber who wants to woo magic Anteng Rara. Apparently, Rara Anteng dare not refuse. However, on conditions that must be met robber's magic. "I'm willing to be your wife, just so you can make an ocean that lies dipuncak Mount Bromo and should be finished in one night," says Rara Anteng calmly. The robber agreed that magic and want to immediately realize the demand Anteng Rara.

Marauder magic would leave the Rara Anteng, then he searched the ground flat on top of Mount Bromo. After getting a flat ground, he immediately sat down cross-legged and lifted up his hand to ask the spirits of rock dwellers of Mount Bromo. At the time of sunset and it was getting dark, powerful robber was dubbed the giant scary. At that time also, he immediately scrape it with a flat land of coconut shell. Before dawn and before the cock crowed, the sea was almost finished. "Soon, I had a pretty wife," muttered the robber's magic hopefully.

At robber magic has almost completed the work to make the ocean at midnight, Rara Anteng summoned the Biyung nursemaid to act. Told, that the day before the Biyung waistband has prepared a large pile of dry leaves of weeds to the east of Mount Mromo and some rice pestle and mortar. "Turn on the pile of dry reeds and mortar ring continuously," Rara command Biyung Anteng to the waistband. Sepat piles of dried reeds with great light, so it looked from a distance as if dawn. The sound of mortar pounding and cock crowed bersahut-replication.

"Hey, weird. It's after midnight, dawn, the sound of mortar pounding and cock crowed bersahut-replication," muttered one of the villagers out of the house as she wrapped sarong. However, due to the cold mountains menusauk to the bone, immediately he went home and slept again. It turns out the whole village suffered a similar incident. They wonder what happened that night had not come as usual tonight.

At that, the robbers struck by the magic dawn and crowing roosters. He immediately stopped working. His heart was upset and disappointed. In fact, while the sea was so and it can be shown to Rara Anteng. "Damn!, Rara Anteng void to be my wife!, He was so cunning!", Exclaimed the robber magic giddy.

"What!. Tempurung is of no use!" shouted the robbers magic, throwing a coconut shell of his hands. And he soon left the oceans that have not finished. "Miracle". Coconut shell floated for a while and fell on his stomach. Slowly shell was enlarged and transformed into a mountain. Because the mountain was coming from the shell (shell), then people gave the name of Mount Batok. While the oceans that have not been watering it called Segoro Wedi or Ocean Sand.

Rara Anteng so revelers can thwart the intention of powerful and violent robbers, although with a sneaky way. Not to forget, he thanked the Biyung nursemaid who has helped with a vengeance. Thus, there is no obstacle for Rara Anteng to have a relationship with Jake Fresh. Day marriage predetermined time comes, and the marriage ceremony took place with great fanfare. Jaka Seger Rara looks like a crown prince, handsome and regal. While Rara Anteng like a beautiful princess king.

After that, they build a shelter in a safe and peaceful village ynag. The village was named Tengger. "Teng" Rara Anteng taken from the name, and placed in front of the name of the village because Anteng Rara is a descendant of a goddess. "Ger" is derived from Jaka Seger and placed behind the name of the village, because he only keteurunan a pastor. Finally, they have many descendants. And to this day the inhabitants of Tengger village known as the Tengger tribe.